Teflon braid (PTFE)


SUPRANITE PACKING 535 is composed exclusively of very fine filaments of P.T.F.E
spectroscopically pure. It is impregnated on the one hand, a dispersion of P.T.F.E and on the other hand, a chemically inert lubricant, thus allowing its use in a very corrosive medium at high speeds.


The SUPRANITE PACKING 535 is used in static (valve) or dynamic (rotary or alternating) applications. It can also be used in the presence of diluted cryogenic products, refrigerants and strong concentrated acids.

Technical characteristics

Max. Temperature: 250 ° C
Minimum temperature: -240 ° C
Max pressure: 100 bar
pH: 1 to 14
Max speed: 8 m / s

Industries concerned

Chemical Industries,
petrochemicals, fertilizer. industries