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Myriad is able to offer in relation with our partner Rhurpumpen a wide range of API pumps. We are also able to supply volumetric pumps; gear pumps, piston pumps. Our aim is to provide solutions for all process steps related to the handling of industrial fluids
MYRIAD valves provides a range of valves, different diameters (inch and metric), and materials such as butterfly valves, guillotine valves, valves, diaphragm valves, filters, spherical and conical ball valves, gate valve, direct flow valve, etc.
Myriad fittings meet all your requirements for different pipe fittings, including flanges, elbows, tees, weldolets, bosses, nipples and reducer etc. All kinds of materials, diameters, standards as well as specific products can be offered
MYRIAD have the ability to provide you differents kind of tubes. Their technical characteristics vary according to the pressure, the type of fluid, and the temperature. We regularly stock tubes of the following materials: API 5L, A106, A333, Inox 316 ...
MYRIAD offers you a complete range of seals for your processes. Our seals are suitable for a wide variety of fluids. Depending on the needed pressure and temperature. We stock differents materials for several applications
MYRIAD offers you a wide range of products for companies involved in fields of chemistry, and oil & gas. Our explosion proof products (ADF) will allow you to work safely
We offer a full range of steel products that we have completed with non-ferrous products. We are able to offer you different alloys of bronze or aluminum Teflon.


Oran headquarters

  • Adress :

    24 Aissat Idir street, Bir El Djir
    31000, Oran – Algérie.

  • Tel :

    +213 41 622 839
    +213 5 61 672 850

  • fax :

    +213 41 622 236
    +213 982 420 406

Algiers office

  • Adress :

    13, Carthage street, Hydra
    16000, Alger – Algérie

  • Mobile :

    +213 5 61 928 108

  • Tel/Fax :

    +213 (0)

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