Graphite braid

The SUPRANITE PACKING 557 is the braiding of pure graphite fittings. It is composed of graphite ribbon son reinforced with inconel wire, according to a specific process limiting friction and treated specially with a corrosion inhibitor. The SUPRANITE PACKING 557 is braided in the mass, thus facilitating its implementation.


Special faucet.
Water, superheated steam R saturated, hot oils, solvents, hydrocarbons, alkalis.
In head rings and background with SUPRANITE NGN 02 AS.

Technical characteristics

Max temperature 500 ° C
oxidizing media
3000 ° C in an inert medium
Max. 300 bar
pH: 0 to 14
Max speed : 2 m / s.

Industries concerned

Energy production, petrochemistry,
refineries, steel mills,
metals, sweets, paper mills